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Hello! My name is Oleksandr and I am a volunteer from Ukraine. I came to Poland just one week ago and I’ve already became stronger, wiser and older than I was. Honestly, the first week was hard for me and every day I was tired from a lot of conversations in a foreign language to me, but every morning I felt the power and desire to get better. I live with nice people from France and Armenia, we share our own experiences and help each other. Every day we talk about differencies in our cultures and national dishes. Raise the cliché themes about our country, and I finally believed that the French do not eat frogs for breakfast, and the Armenians do not drink wine instead of water) I got a film education in Ukraine, but now I’m faced with the theater in Poland. I realy like the local approach to theater and its work. I noticed that people want to enjoy everything and even from work. And I hope that I can learn this skill too.


Hi, im THE INNER VOICE of Narek, Im 27 years old, probably. How can I describe you Narek? For sure he is a very special person for himself. Narek is an actor by diploma, but by his heart he’s a director. In Armenia he cooperates with APY NGO (Armenian Progressive Youth) where he works as a director. The other Narek’s skills are painting (he used to attend the fine arts college, million years ago) and writing movie scenarios. He came to Hajnówka because of two reasons – interesting project connected with his personal interests (he really loves theatre and everything connected with it) and because of love to ONE Polish girl. He bardzo wants to learn beautiful Polish language and also learn as much as possible about Polish culture and so called lifestyle. Abut Art, art for him is life, art is like fresh spring air for the fishes, art is like beautiful sunrise for the bats, art is like a cold beer during winter evening… oh , wait, I did some mistakes… What I wanted to say is that he really loves art. For example if you are an artist in Armenia, it means that you will die soon, or because of hunger or because of cutting of your ear (greetings for Van Gogh) that will cause really serious problems for your health and… and you know in the end hell or heaven. But even though he had to choose between good life and being a starving artist (not only in Armenia I think) he choose to follow his path with confidence that it is the right way. But come back to our sheeps (as French people say), Narek is an artist with soul and with his empty wallet. I can say about him one more thing – he never give’s up! And today he found a mug with a sign “If “Plan A” didn’t work the alphabet has 25 more letters” but actually Armenian alphabet has 39 letters. So now he is in Hajnowka, and he is waiting when he will have an opportunity to show his skils on the stage on behind the camera.

fot. Elena Stupa

Dzień dobry! Cześć!

My name is Elena, I’m EVS volunteer from Ukraine. I’m happy to be here, in Hajnówka, to be a part of great team of Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne “Pocztówka” and A3 theatre!

I’m 28 years old, my mother city is Zaporozhye, so I believe in my blood I have spirit of cossacks – great warriors. I have degree in Journalism, sphere of marketing and PR.

My true passion is dollmaking. I love to create little fellows, funny gnomes and borrowers with their own characters and life stories. My dolls are one of a kind collectible interior decorations. To create a doll I’m working with airdry polymer clay and baked in the oven polymer clay, fabrics, paints, wire armature, fur, leather, beads, so on. Dollmaking is amazing kind of art which includes sculpting, sewing, painting and many-many other things I can only imagine. Last year I had personal exhibition in Kiev doll gallery, also I have my own dollmaking courses, where I share with my original technique how to create a doll.

I love different kinds of handmade and handicrafts and I’m looking forward to learn Polish traditional ones. Can’t wait to work with the theater, to develop my skills and to learn new – new materials, technics. I’m so exciting about to take part in creating costumes, masks, decorations, because for me it means possibility to create big, human size doll, which will be moving, talking, living…

Today, when I’m writing this text it became one week since I’m in this project and I can say this week was full of emotions and discovers. We already visited couple Polish villages and took part in different activities, such as workshop about creating paper flowers and creating seeds mandala with teenagers. One of the most memorable activity was to take part in preparing sweets for traditional Polish wedding. I’m happy thanks to this project I have possibility to learn Polish traditions and culture. And I’m very grateful for hospitality of each person we met and of our receiving organization.

There are five of us – volunteers from different countries, with different skills and talents and I’m curious to see what our DREAM TEAM could create together during one year of our EVS project!

Charly from France

Hello. As you can see on the previous page (yes, you clicked on me, really), my name is Charly.
Just arrived for 7 days, I’m a beginner in A3Theatre association. I came here with my girlfriend (for the moment she is, will see in future, perhaps I’ll have to edit this) through EVS program to take part in festival organisation and to support association more generally. I want to see Zubr also… I never saw Zubr. Moreover, i heard today, that i could see some eagles on top of trees. We are near a forest, i don’t know you but i want to build my own bow ! I’m (for the moment) really dertermined. Maybe in 2 weeks, i would to buy a bow cause i’m not very manual person.

In France, i lived in Toulouse for 2 years before my EVS enrolment. I did studies in cultural development projects (specially dance & circus, live performing arts) and i worked as volunteer in a charity association (nothing to see with religion) to facilitate the access to Culture for people who need help (handicapped persons, poor people, youngs who are underperforming at school…). It was my first time i worked with this audience, in the social & healthcare sector.

I come from Le Mans originally. You may know this city, there is the most famous endurance race called “Les 24h Du Mans” in june. I don’t care about it.

That’s all. Thank you to read this text.
Charly Tamarelle

Elisa from France

“Ja nie mówię po polsku, jestem francuska.” It is my first sentence that I learned in polish!

I am here, in Hajnowka, for one day. So if I learn one sentence by day it will be really cool!

Anyway, as you can see, I’m french. My name is Elisa and I am 24 years old. I studied cultural coordination, mostly for circus and dance project. I have already worked in different associations to organize festival, mainly for street art and circus festival (in France, street art is not only graffiti and hip hop art, it’s also every type of art which takes part in the street. It can be theatre, dance, performance…).

I will stay in A3theatre association for one year with my boyfriend (Charly), who also came for working in the same structure.

I wait with impatience the next meeting, when we will define our tasks! For the moment, I discover with interest every activities proposed by the association. For example, this month, we will participate in manual activities with old people and teenagers, also we will prepare a preview exhibition, we will help with the assembly/disassembly of shows, we will help with a traditional wedding … A great month in prevision!

Furthermore, I discover new cultures, yes I wrote “cultures” with an “S” because my flatmates and co-workers are Ukrainian (they speak Ukrainian and Russian language), Polish and Armenian. It is really enriching and funny. When I go back to France, I will speak English (finally!!) but with a polish or russian or ukrainian accent!

Fotorelacja z Dni Kultury Francuskiej w Hajnówce

Fotorelacja z Dni Kultury Francuskiej w Hajnówce

Zapraszamy do oglądania zdjęć z wydarzenia. W tym roku mieliśmy przyjemność zorganizować dla Państwa koncert piosenek Edit Piaf, wieczór gier planszowych oraz francuskie śniadanie połączone z pokazem krótkometrażowych filmów francuskich.
Wszystko to nie odbyłoby się bez wsparcia Miasta Hajnówka, Hajnowskiego Domu Kultury oraz Restauracji “Starówka”.
A przede wszystkim nie odbyłoby się bez pomysłu i pracy naszych francuskich wolontariuszy EVS: Elisy i Charly’ego.