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Blandine Potiron

La Roche sur Yon Cedex, France

Hello, I’m Blandine. I’m 18 years old and I come from France. Someone asked me to present myself. I don’t really know what to say, and if we were face to face it would probably the embarrassing moment when we don’t dare to look each other’s because we don’t know each other and we don’t know what to say…

But let’s go.

I’m here because I have too many plans for my future. I would need four lives to do everything! I don’t know what to choose so, I Took one year to do something else and maybe understand what I really want. It’s as if I was alone in the middle of the ocean in a walnut shell, rowing to the shore. It’s the only way to learn who you are. Actually the ocean is Poland… and I paddle to try to understand and make myself understood.

I’m very happy to be here. I think it’s a good opportunity to learn a lot and about everything, culture, language and etc.… And a wonderful opportunity to meet many people.

I want to share my passion for music and to use my motivation to help the association as much as I can.

Hi, how are you?! My name is Lluna Aumatell, I am eighteen years old and I have all my teeth. I grew up in Olot, Catalonia. I want to say that my English is not super good, so there it goes the first reason for why I’m here, to improve my level.

Since childhood I’ve been rather afraid of changes, so is something very difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. I don’t want to sound stupid because I am here with amazing people that take care of me and I am going to learn a lot of things, but for me, it’s a very big challenge.

I want to learn and improve with this project, always with music as a way to express my thoughts and feelings, to be able to share with people art, moments full of love, life and magic; because for me, music is the most powerful thing in the world.

My mum says that we come to the world for something, I like to believe that I am here to help, I don’t need big things to help, sometimes is as simple as a good laugh or hug.

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Lluna Aumatell


fot. piotr.chlipalski

Roza Kazariani

Tbilisi, Georgia

Hello! My name is Roza, I’m 23 years old, from Georgia, Tbilisi. I am a choir conductor. I have been the music teacher since 2015 and I have got a children choir “Dea”. Also I am a singer at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire opera studio choir.

When I discovered about EVS volunteer I thought that this project will be very interesting for me, because to give somebody my experience and make someone happy makes me happy too. Also, I like to learn from different people and share my skills with them and work with other volunteers.

I have already have experience to studying with Erasmus +, at the Luebeck Academy of Music in Luebeck, Germany. And now I’m happy to have the opportunity to learn Polish culture and be a member of the creative team.

Hi! I am  Salbi from Armenia and i am 24 years old. I am a pedagog-methodist, ceramist, I am doing clay-art therapy with children who have a disabilities. I have obtained a masters degree in education management. I don’t like to work in a very formal working environment, I like creativity and every new thing, new people, new places. I’d like to try something new, which I have never tried before, especially in the field of art. That’s why now I am in Hajnówka and will be working with this company.

I like challenging myself and overcome difficulties. This volunteering program is one of them. I want to try myself as an actress and A3 Theatre is the best place for this, out of formality and templates. I hope this program will be an opportunity to get to know and discover myself (how lazy I could be when i have to present myself, which I am usually doing very bad), to share my experience and skills. And if I have something  prompting  me… then everything will be fine.

fot. piotr.chlipalski

Salbi Hayrapetyan

Tsilkar, Armenia

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Alani Vanroosebeke

Malaga, Spain

Hey there.

This is Alani Vanroosebeke and I’m supposed to provide you with great info about myself, like what the hell I’m doing here. So, let me be me, and honest. I’m the kind of person that, when provided with a platform, wants to use it to send a message. That’s not so possible when your first draft is about three times longer than the average length, so I had to reduce my words, but hopefully, not the emotions.

Making it simple, what made me choose this project is a feeling I could never explain as if I belonged here in an unconcrete way. What I expect from it is as uncertain as what the future might bring. My goal is to learn, share, grow, and live unapologetically the life I’ve always longed and worked hard for. I’m just a young curious-minded individual using my time on earth to do the things I feel I would like to do.

Projekt realizowany w ramach Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności.

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